//: Congratulations, you've been commoditized and you never even knew it //

Money is obsolete, and the only currency is our online data.  Natural resources are scarce, synthetic copies common.  AI is indistinguishable from human life.  And the tech giants, with their ability to influence people's buying choices, opinions and even their political votes, are the real power behind all levels of society.  This is the world of <A.R.P.U.>. 

The film presents a dark alternate version of our society, questioning just how much information we give away about ourselves without knowing it, and just who has access to it.

For further information please go to: https://www.arpufilm.com/


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Production Team

Lily Howkins


//: Lily has worked as an actor and choreographer for the last eight years.  Storytelling has always been at the heart of her movement work,  and these years spent reading, analysing, breaking down and interpreting scripts have provided invaluable experience when it has come to writing her own work.   With the co-founder of their production company, Double Yellow, Lily co-wrote the theatre piece ‘Girl on Girl’ and the short film ‘Dibs’ as a solo writer.  Having always been fascinated by dystopian  stories, be it in books, films or television programmes, <A.R.P.U.> is one she is very excited to tell.

James Anderson


//: James Anderson is a cinematographer who has worked on a wide variety of productions, from short films to TV shows that have taken him around the world. He is well known for being able to operate in challenging environments, whilst still capturing wonderfully cinematic images. Having worked with Phil Spencer before on ‘Big Brother’ and ‘House Hunting’ we are very excited to have him on board.

www.jamesandersondop.com // Instagram: @james_anderson_dop

Phil Spencer


//: Phil Spencer is a filmmaker, writer and producer who has a passion for poetry and powerful visuals.  He says that he owed his journey into filmmaking and writing to his experiences in the Royal Marines.  He served for eleven years, including several operational deployments, but he was ultimately medically discharged due to injuries sustained in combat. 

His screenwriting and directorial debut was with the short film ‘Big Brother’, funded by the Royal Marines Charity (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_i7m8qMTWVU).  It had its international premier via TV broadcast on Remembrance Day 2019.  His second short film as director and writer was ‘House Hunting’, commissioned by Exeter Phoenix Creative Hub (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ThZXWTgohts).  It premiered at Two Short Nights film festival.  Phil has collaborated with the likes of Imogen Stubbs, Sue Outlaw and the Soldiers’ Arts Academy. 

His poetry credits include, ‘Shakespeare and Remembrance’ at The Globe Theatre, ‘Body and Soul’ with NW Live and RADA workshops.  

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Lily Howkins

Maeve Fairfield

//:  Lily's screen work includes Tina in Netflix's 'The Stranger', Mya in 'EastEnders', the role of Cinderella for an ITV special and Lauren in the award winning short film 'House Hunting'.  On stage she has performed in 'Our American Cousin' (The Finborough Theatre), 'The Railway Children' with Eastern Angles and 'Every Man In His Humour' (The Sam Wanamaker Playhouse for The Globe's Read Not Dead season).