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We don't make work to win awards - but it is lovely when we do. 

Double Yellow is proud to have been selected for film festivals across the world, winning multiple awards. 

For theatre, we're delighted to have produced shows in London & beyond, with our writing consistently being recognised. 

I Called You (2023) will have its world premiere at Birmingham Film Festival in November 2023.

The short was also a semi-finalist at The Kino London Short Film festival earlier this year.

We look forward to seeing the film's journey as it continues to be on the film festival circuit

Surgeons (2021) has won 6 film awards and was selected for BAFTA qualifying Bolton Film Festival in 2022.


The Lily Indie Film Fest 2022
San Francisco Indie Short Festival 2022
Falcon International Film Festival 2022
Arthouse Festival of Beverly Hills 2021
Rotterdam Independent Film Festival 2021
The World Film Carnival - Singapore 2021


Bolton International Film Festival 2022 (BAFTA Qualifying festival)
Lit Laughs International Film Festival 2022
New York Independent Cinema Wards 2022
Kalakari Film Festival 2022
Summer in the South Film Festival 2021
Reno Comedy Film Festival 2021
Paris Short Film Festival 2021
Portland Comedy Film Festival 2021
Venice Shorts Film Festival 2021
Hong Kong Indie Film Festival 2021
Niagara Falls International Short Film Festival 2021
Amsterdam Short Film Festival 2021

Best Friends won 8 film awards and was selected for 11 film festivals. Kirsty was awarded best actress in a comedy sketch at NYC Comedy Shorts festival in 2020 for her role in award-winning short film Best Friends.


Lit Laugh International Film Festival 2020

(Best Micro Short  Comedy)

Houston Comedy Film Festival 2020

(Best Micro Comedy)

Atlanta Female Comedy Film Festival 2021

(Best International Comedy)

London Indie Short Film Festival 2021 (Best Narrative UK Film)

Jane Austen International Film Festival 2021 (Best Editing)

Venice Shorts Film Festival 2021 (Best Micro Comedy)

UK Monthly Film Festival 2022

Dallas Independent Film Festival 2022


Austin Film Festival 2020

Portland Film Festival 2020

New York City Comedy Short Film Festival 2020

Paris Short Film Festival 2020

Dublin International Short Film and Music Festival 2020

Georgia Shorts Film Festival 2020

Los Angeles Comedy Film Festival 2020

Women's Comedy Film Festival Chicago 2021

Summer in the South International Film Festival 2021

Romford Film Festival 2022

St Albans Film Festival 2022


Funny Women Award 2020


London-Worldwide Comedy Short Film-Festival

Our plays have been performed across London : The Vault Festival, The King's Head Theatre, The Lion & Unicorn Theatre. 

Our work has been featured in high profile competitions like Funny Women and our writing has been nominated for numerous awards. 

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