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Two women discover being a surgeon can mean two very different things.

Poster Oct 2022.jpeg

Crew & Cast

Writer & Producer : Megan Smith & Lily 

Director: Craig Talbot

DOP: Will Austin

Runner: Scott Brenman

Tree Surgeon: Megan Smith

Surgeon: Eugenia Low


The Lily Indie Film Fest 2022
San Francisco Indie Short Festival 2022
Falcon International Film Festival 2022
Arthouse Festival of Beverly Hills 2021
Rotterdam Independent Film Festival 2021
The World Film Carnival - Singapore 2021

It has also been selected for the following festivals: 

Bolton International Film Festival 2022 (BAFTA Qualifying festival)
Lit Laughs International Film Festival 2022
New York Independent Cinema Wards 2022
Kalakari Film Festival 2022
Summer in the South Film Festival 2021
Reno Comedy Film Festival 2021
Paris Short Film Festival 2021
Portland Comedy Film Festival 2021
Venice Shorts Film Festival 2021
Hong Kong Indie Film Festival 2021
Niagara Falls International Short Film Festival 2021
Amsterdam Short Film Festival 2021

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