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It is 2035 and Nicole has the house and the husband she always wanted. It should be time to start a family, but after a flood destroys parts of Yorkshire, she starts to question if having a child is too selfish.

‘Bourne’ asks: if we don’t tackle the climate crisis soon, when will it become controversial to have children? A huge thank you to Foreign Affairs Theatre for their help and support in producing and creating the show. 

Bourne Play Page-01.png

Crew & Cast

Writer: Megan Smith

Dramaturg: Ria Samartzi

Director: Trine Garrett

Movement: Lily Howkins

Lighting Designer & Tech: Amy Daniels   

Nicole: Megan Smith

Ben: Robert Heard

Bex: Olivia Negrean

Joy: Camila Franca 

Rob Heard.jpeg

"Working with Double Yellow Theatre Company on 'Bourne' was a delight. Megan and Lily fuse intelligence and joy into their work. The whole process was very collaborative and professional. I cannot wait to see what they produce next".

Robert Heard: Actor & Ben in Bourne

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