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Best Friends

A group of women compete to be the better friend.

Best Friends Poster Oct 2022.jpeg

Crew & Cast

Director: Craig Talbot

Writer: Megan Smith

Producer: Lily Howkins & Megan Smith

DOP: Will Austin 

Boom Operator: Declan Sammon

Runner: Scott Brenman

Jenny: Kirsty Langley

Sarah: Lily Howkins

Sasha: Anna Brook-Mitchell

Claire: Megan Smith

Hanah: Ella Ainsworth

Best Friends 3.jpeg

Director's Statement

Craig Talbot

It was a real pleasure to direct this film, which was written by my good friend Megan Smith. When I read the script, I instantly recognised the female competitiveness and knew this was a universal theme that all audiences would be able to connect to in their everyday lives.
I wanted to take the viewer slowly through the stages of the competition and for them to feel the awkwardness of the situation building, but also laugh at the ridiculousness of how the characters are responding to each other.
One of the difficulties of making this film was trying to shoot the five women and constantly changing the angels without disorientating the audience, but my editor and DP Will Austin was really great at resolving these issues for me. So filming on the day was very smooth and we finished ahead of schedule!
Working with these actors was a wonderful experience. I wanted to challenge them to keep thinking throughout the scene and play the different beats clearly, and they all embraced my directing approach and exceeded my expectations; Adding their own personal funny touches to the scene.
Working with the crew was similar. They embraced the framework of what I wanted to capture, whilst adding their own genius creative touches.
The experience working on this film has given me a real confidence to continue working on more diverse subject matters and trust that with a great cast and Crew I will be able to get the audience to connect to the film as well as I do.



Lit Laugh International Film Festival 2020

(Best Micro Short  Comedy)

Houston Comedy Film Festival 2020

(Best Micro Comedy)

Atlanta Female Comedy Film Festival 2021

(Best International Comedy)

London Indie Short Film Festival 2021 (Best Narrative UK Film)

Jane Austen International Film Festival 2021 (Best Editing)

Venice Shorts Film Festival 2021 (Best Micro Comedy)

UK Monthly Film Festival 2022

Dallas Independent Film Festival 2022


Austin Film Festival 2020

Portland Film Festival 2020

New York City Comedy Short Film Festival 2020

Paris Short Film Festival 2020

Dublin International Short Film and Music Festival 2020

Georgia Shorts Film Festival 2020

Los Angeles Comedy Film Festival 2020

Women's Comedy Film Festival Chicago 2021

Summer in the South International Film Festival 2021

Romford Film Festival 2022

St Albans Film Festival 2022


Funny Women Award 2020


London-Worldwide Comedy Short Film-Festival


"Thoroughly enjoyed working with Double Yellow. They're open minded, hardworking and a joy to collaborate with".

Craig Talbot: Actor, Film-Maker & Director on Best Friends,

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