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One actor. One room. Zero dialogue. CAN is a short psychological horror film which follows an unnamed woman making a fresh start after a tragic event. Moving into an empty flat, she discovers a rusty tin can has been left behind in the kitchen cupboard. But try as she might to throw it out, the can keeps returning. Whatever is inside flummoxes and festers, deceives and decays, rankles and rots. Whatever she does, it will never go away.
She’s going have to open it, some day...


CAN was written by Mark Prime and director Chris Turner, whose 2022 award-winning short Leopard Heels ended a successful run of prestigious festivals (including Screamfest in LA) by being acquired by cult horror platform ALTER for online distribution. You can see more of Chris’ directorial work at Favourite Colour: Black.

CAN will star actor/ producer Megan Smith, who runs the award winning Double Yellow Productions. Their recent short films Surgeons and I Called You have made festival selections worldwide, and their new project Robot Lady is currently in post-production.

Filming in East Sussex in 2024.....

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