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I Called You

Home alone after a night out, Sammy finds signs of an intruder and must convince the Police she is in danger. But should they believe her ?

I Called You - Short Film: Welcome

'I Called You' is a psychological thriller inspired by conversations about the female experience of living with the fear of male violence.

The film is due for release in 2023.

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I Called You - Short Film: Text


Director: Jane Moriarty

Writer: Bernice Pike

Producer: Megan Smith

Executive Producer: Danielle Manson

Associate Producers: Áine McCarthy, Anushi Amin, Ashley Dawes

DOP: Oscar Partridge 

Production Design: Sasha Webster

Composer: Adiescar Chase

Edited By: Melissa Schneider and Laura Spini

Hair and Makeup: Imi McPherson 

Sound Design: Filipe Pereira

Colourist: Ciara Gallogly

1st AD: Charlotte Howley

1st AC: Andre Pinto & Michael Simpson

2nd AC: Shijia Xu

Gaffer: Robin Bernstein

Spark 1: Charlie Ringer

Spark 2: Luke Halstead

Sounds: Henry Kennedy

Production Design: Sasha Webster

Hair & Make Up: Imi Mcpherson

Runners: Alex Rogers & Anna Brook-Mitchell

I Called You - Short Film: Text


Detective Wheatley : Debbie Korley

Detective Marsh: Megan Smith 

Sammy: Bernice Pike

VoiceOver: Karl PreKopp

I Called You - Short Film: Text
I Called You - Short Film: Pro Gallery
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